Advancing with O-Arm Technology

Springfield Neurological and Spine Institute and CoxHealth have advanced to the next level of technology. In January of 2016 we acquired the new technology of the O-Arm.  Spine surgery is a rapidly evolving field as more traditional large open spine surgeries continue to give way to minimally invasive spine surgical techniques. The safe and effective proactive of these techniques require extensive training and knowledge of the spine and relies heavily on technological advancements. The O-arm technology give doctors 3D images in real time and sends them to a computer, which allows surgeons to use a minimally invasive approach to operate.
 Over the last year our neurosurgeons have worked hard to perfect thier knowledge and experience with the Meditrak O-Arm.  The Intra- operative fluoroscopic imaging resembling a CT scan linked to a computer navigation which allows real-time visualization of the spinal structures. This technology allows us to perform major spine surgery through minimal incision with safety and security. This all translates into better patient outcomes and faster patient recovery.

o armO arm fullo arm stand