Before Your First Visit

To request an appointment with one of our physicians, your doctor may either call our office, fax a consultation request, or send an on-line consultation request.  You may also call our office directly and request an appointment with one of our physicians.

When your appointment is scheduled, we will obtain your insurance information and verify your insurance benefits prior to your visit.

After scheduling your appointment, please visit our website to register your information.  You will be asked questions about your risk factors, patient/family history, review of systems, and surgical history.  Please follow the instructions on our patient registration site, but if at any time you have questions, any of our associates will be happy to assist you.  Completing this information before your appointment will save you time and will make your appointment go more smoothly.

Diagnostic studies

If your studies (MRI, CT Scan, X-rays) were performed ANYWHERE other than:

  • Springfield Neurological and Spine Institute, SNSI Imaging
  • Jared Neuroscience Center, JNC Imaging
  • Cox Hospital
  • The Martin Center
  • Cox Walnut Lawn
  • Ferrell Duncan Clinic

you MUST bring your actual films with you to your appointment.


Before Your First Visit